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I’m pleased to report I’ve just received a ‘gold star’ from Seeking Alpha!

How come I never got any of those as a kid? All I ever got was regular belts of the ruler… Hmm, who’s getting the most out of this – that SA logo’s pretty big!

Once I began this blog, my intention was to also contribute (at least for US listed stocks) and link my blog to Seeking Alpha. I thought a condensation of my recent Cresud (CRESY:US) posts (I don’t think they’re into Irish farmland commentary) would be a good place to start – here’s the article. It actually survived the SA editors relatively unscathed, although they dumped the new title I’d dreamed up: “Cresud – Pretty Pampas Play!“. Surely that’s the kind of title the meedjya love..?

Anyway, I thoroughly recommend Seeking Alpha – it’s very US-centric, of course, but well worth a daily troll. I also like MarketFolly which is a more dedicated (US) hedge fund tracking site – their weekly What We’re Reading post is particularly good.

I’m also pleased to report that WordPress.com really is idiot-proof! I’ve managed to get this blog up and running this week without a hitch, complete with graphics (ok, had a little help with that bit!). But I was stumped when Seeking Alpha sent me some code and no instructions… What the hell do I do with this? I felt like a kid with a present…and no hands… Finally, out of sheer desperation, I flailed around the Dashboard pretty much clicking random buttons. Then checked the blog and, lo and behold, I see the SA logo. Wow! So I can totally recommend WordPress to everybody – oh, and also WordPress for Dummies, 4th Edition, just released in September.