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Here we are, beginning with the most popular post:

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Farming, Back in the USSR

Surprise, surprise, Dhir India (DHIR:LN) and Argo Group (ARGO:LN) are pretty much top of the charts!  I guess readers really like to hear about small and/or speculative stocks?!

OK, I’ll see what I can do, I admit I fall for one or two of those now and again – and I’ll be throwing a few into my 2012 Picks List. If you have anything interesting to suggest, don’t hesitate to email me and I’d love to take a look.

Though I must confess I still owe one reader a look at European Convergence Development Company (ECDC:LN) – ever look at this? Jeez, could be a crapshoot, could be a zero, could be some value there, with the state of the structuring & disclosure involved this one might be too tough to figure out…

And everybody loves Total Produce (TOT:ID)…so how come it’s not going up yet?!