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OK, let’s start with Least Popular Posts and then we can move to something better! Here we go, beginning with the least popular post:

A Merry Xmas & A Prosperous New Year!

–          Bah, humbug!?! Who doesn’t like Xmas?!

Er, Throw That Fish Out – It’s Reached its Sell-By Date

–          Right, so reminiscing about fond memories of my youth is out… But c’mon, you’ve got to admit Hot Tuna (HTT:LN), and its devotees, are a great soap opera. If you’re a member of ADVFN, check out the HTT message thread for a bit of fun. It boggles the mind that hope springs eternal for some people even after a 99.8% trouncing…and then they fall for pump and dumpers yet again in the past few days!

Xmas List (III)

–          So nobody reads good fiction anymore?!

EIIB (EIIB:LN) – The Strongest Bank in the World?

–          Oddly enough, Part II of this article (EIIB (EIIB:LN) – The Strongest Bank in the World? (Part II)) got twice as many page views. So I guess the least popular stock posting was actually Trinity Biotech – Cheap Diagnostics. I’m oddly encouraged about this, there’s a similar absence of enthusiasm for Trinity Biotech (TRIB:US) across the entire web. If my investment thesis is right, this bodes well for my strategy – I did set a $13.25 Fair Value Price Tgt, but advocated retaining a significant holding (with a Stop Loss) if we reach that Tgt. I reckon at that point people will finally start getting interested in TRIB, and fresh buying will drive the price quickly & significantly higher. Wishful thinking? Well, take a look at this long term TRIB chart: Three times in the past 15 years the TRIB share price has soared almost vertically from $8 (or less) to $21 plus!

Surfing Wipeout & A Charitable Plea