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Hi Readers – after some helpful encouragement from Philip O’Sullivan, I’ve finally launched myself into the world of Twitter. Here’s my Twitter name and address:



Bear with me on this, I’m getting a headache already..! Not quite sure how I’ll tackle this yet, probably best if I just start following a few fellow bloggers and get a better feel for how they go about their own tweeting. Anyway, I would greatly appreciate if you’d Follow me…so I can start the long slow climb of getting my numbers up – many thanks!

This also coincides with me finally creating a Blogroll, so I’m really expanding my (social) connectivity here..! So far, I’ve just added some fellow bloggers who’ve been kind enough to Blogroll me (or tweet about me), but I’ll be adding more blogs and websites I check in on regularly. If you’re a reader, I’d really appreciate your adding me to your own Blogroll, tweeting about this blog, or any other type of link/recommendation/referral – I’d be delighted to return the favour. Cheers.