I’m glad to see there’s plenty of interest to date in my last post on The Great Irish Share Valuation Project (TGISVP)! And shocked to witness the huge jump in the 2 most undervalued shares: AERL +12.5%, and BKIR +15.3%. Wow! Yeah, yeah, I know…blind luck!

And some disagreement about my valuations already…with the most passion over the natural resource stocks – no surprise there! Let me just repeat: These are not buy/sell recommendations! I’m really only comfortable providing those for stocks I’ve researched in much greater depth and that I actually own.

But this list should certainly provoke interest/debate, and highlight the best stocks for you (and me) to research further and to potentially buy or sell. It’s also a ranking exercise: If you own Irish stocks, like I do, and spare Portfolio Cash is tight, you may not want to increase your Irish portfolio allocation. This list will ultimately offer an opportunity to assess where your stocks stand within the Irish valuation spectrum, and whether any alternatives are worth switching into.

A very tangible way to express your agreement or (emphatic) disagreement with my valuation approaches/Price Targets (and a much more interesting exercise for all of us!), is of course to contribute your own Price Targets! You may already have noticed I provided a Template sheet in my TGISVP file:

The Great Irish Share Valuation Project I    (xlsx file)

The Great Irish Share Valuation Project I     (xls file)

So, please feel free to provide your own Price Targets on the Template sheet – it would be greatly appreciated by me, and many of my readers. My intention will be to preserve each contributor’s individual list for reference, and once we’ve a decent number of contributions an average Price Target for each stock will make v interesting reading for all concerned. And, of course, there are some interesting performance analyses to consider if we can get some momentum going with the project..! OK, here are some housekeeping notes:

– I’ve only completed my first dozen stocks so far, feel free to jump ahead of me!

– If you want to tackle a select number of stocks, no problem…if you prefer to plough through all of them (and feel free to send in batches), I salute you!

– I haven’t locked anything: I’d appreciate if you’d stick to the 4 highlighted columns in the Template sheet, and change nothing else. I’ll take care of everything else, and update Mkt Prices as we go along. Also, I’ll be posting regular update files, so plse don’t change the name of the file you use/send back to me. All this will make it much simpler for me to aggregate.

– I’ve included Defined Names (look under Formulas: Name Manager) for some FX rates, plse feel free to use them in any formulas you input. No need to update the rates, I’ll do that regularly.

– If you wish, just input your Price Target for each stock (in Column K, highlighted in Blue). Including a formula is v welcome. I’ve also highlighted (in Red): Eval Date – if you want to track your valuation date, Valuation – readers will appreciate if you can provide your valuation assumptions, and Comments – any other comments you want to include/links to a blog write-up/etc.

– Just email your file(s) to me – at wexboymail@yahoo.com – and I’ll take it from there.

Many thanks,