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I published an advance post here about the launch of my MARCH 2nd DONATION APPEAL for Console, Ireland. My sincere thanks to readers who’ve already made some kind/generous donations.

If you read, enjoy and/or feel like your investing has benefited in some small way from the Wexboy blog, I’d like to ask you to please express that appreciation by making a donation, however small, to Console. Hell, forget about Wexboy, please just read on a little, and I think you’ll agree this is a v deserving cause and charity, and well worth a donation to help in their good work. Also, all tweets, reblogs, Facebook postings, etc. of this blog post would be greatly appreciated to spread the word. Console‘s an amazing Irish charity. Who are they?

‘Console was established in 2002 by Paul Kelly after he had experienced the grief of losing a loved one by Suicide. Through his loss, Paul recognised a need for a dedicated Suicide Prevention, Intervention and Postvention Service here in Ireland.

Since then Console has developed into a National Organisation supporting people in Suicidal Crisis and those Bereaved by Suicide through Professional Counselling, Support and Helpline Services.

Console is a National Service with Centres in Dublin, Cork, Galway, Limerick, Athlone, Wexford and Kildare.’

Here’s Console’s Mission Statement:

‘Console seeks to respond to the Spiritual, Emotional and Psychological needs of our Clients. Our Mission is to provide Professional Therapeutic Counselling, Support and Helpline Services to people in Suicidal Crisis and to those Bereaved through Suicide with Respect, Dignity and Compassion.’

Why is Suicide Bereavement different?

‘To lose someone close to us is one of the most difficult life experiences we ever have to face. When the death is through suicide, family and friends must cope with the sadness of their loss plus all their additional, heightened feelings like confusion, questioning of self, anger and coming to terms with the element of choice.

Loss takes time to cope with and we all respond differently. Family and close friends are often left with the same inner turmoil and try to understand it in their own way. People will respond to the impact of the death individually and there is no right or wrong way to grieve.’

You may know of other similar (and deserving) organizations, but Console‘s v special to me, so your donation to this particular charity would be deeply appreciated. I’d be delighted, of course, if you’d please email me about your donation, so I can thank you personally. If you prefer not to disclose exact details of your donation, that’s perfectly understandable too, but please email me anyway so I can still thank you. My email is:  wexboymail@yahoo.com

Here’s Console’s Donations Page. They accept all of the following (and their bank charges them no fees):

1. Paypal

2. Credit Card:       Plse phone 01-610-2638 in Ireland and donate.

(Or call XXX-353-1-610-2638 where XXX is your Intl. Access Code, usually ‘00‘ or ‘011‘)  [Non EUR card? No worries, it’s just like a foreign purchase on your existing credit card – but remember you’ll likely pay an extra 1-3% fee on your donation]

3. Cheque/Draft:       Plse mail cheque/check/draft (any major currency) to:

Console, Console House, 4 Whitethorn Grove, Celbridge, Co. Kildare, Ireland

4. mycharity.ie

5. Tesco Clubcard:       [Only works in Ireland]

6. Text:       [Only works in Ireland]

7. Direct Debits:       [Expect this to only work in Ireland and the UK]

8. Corporate Donation      [If you work for a company who’d consider a donation, plse just ask – it would be greatly appreciated – if you’d prefer Console to contact your company directly to discuss, plse just email me and I’ll arrange it]

If you’ve any suggestions or questions, plse don’t hesitate to comment or email me. My sincere thanks, folks, in advance – it means a lot.