Many readers have been kind enough to pass along their feedback & appreciation re TGISVP by email, comments and/or across the message boards! Many thanks to all of you 🙂

I should have done this much sooner – here’s a small selection of some of the best comments (btw not my spelling etc., and I’m not bothering with attributions – but if you want them, just ask):

x) ‘Sorry, you have no credibility as far as I’m concerned.’       

ix) ‘Sorry but your evaluation of [Company C] is utterly useless. Don’t give up the day job!’

viii) ‘Is this a ramp or what?’

vii) ‘it just goes to show, any geek with the smallest idea regarding setting up websites and a axe to grind can have his minuteof fame.’

vi) ‘I wonder what his agenda is and why go to so much trouble to post something for nothing?’

v) ‘Are you trying to push the price down to get some more shares on te cheap?’                     

iv) ‘That’s superficial bollocks Wexboy.’

iii) ‘Before posting utter rubbish, I suggest you do some research. [Company O] have already stated they will not dilute’ [Placing announced 25 days later]

ii) ‘Wexboy is a lazy troll.’

i) ‘i have in fact forewarded the blog to john [Chairman of Company C, I believe?] and his legal team are in the process of prosessing the article.’

That last comment was priceless, oh Lord, what’s next – a public water-boarding for Wexboy..?! btw I haven’t actually heard back from them (shame, would have been fun to post up & eviscerate). Maybe they just haven’t found my email address yet on the Contact page?!

Oddly enough, all of these comments came from shareholders in a single market sector. No prizes for guessing which..!? 😉