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Summer doldrums are here again… A good time for a sanity check on your existing holdings, and some cash-raising? Perhaps time for a closer look at that long list of potential buys you’ve been meaning to revisit… Or, maybe most exciting, it’s time to find something new – there’s always plenty of interesting companies out there to find.

For example, the other night I randomly picked out about 30 London listed stocks to look at, and was amazed to find 3 interesting/high upside potential stocks…that I’d never even heard of before!

But, of course, many new ideas can be simply sourced from the financial & investing community. No harm in that, we’re all plagiarists – even the best investors happily admit to that! I encourage you to read, read & read – you never know where a ‘block-buster’ idea might turn up…  And in that spirit, I’d like to invite readers to share their favourite investment:

– Should be accessible to the average reader – basically any company (or fund) listed on a developed market exchange (doesn’t exclude emerging market stocks if they’re listed in London/NYC, for example)

Favourite‘s a flexible idea – might be the latest stock you bought, the most interesting/unusual, the cheapest, the least risky, the stock with the most upside potential, etc…

– You should have some skin in the game – please disclose what % of your portfolio is in this stock

– Stocks that can be bought & held for a few years are definitely preferable – so no ‘quick trades‘, or (specifically) event-driven ideas

I will be doing my own review/valuation of all stocks submitted. Remember, like most readers, I’m interested in great investments, not speculations… And I use a value perspective. This is not to suggest that I’m averse to a good growth story – I love ’em, I just don’t want to pay too much for them!

Presuming a decent response, I plan to do some interesting blog write-ups of the best stocks submitted. Who knows I may even confirm a new portfolio holding! This is not a competition, though. Picking new stocks is not just about choosing those with the highest upside potential – there are far more quantitative, and qualitative, factors that go into any final choice on a stock. [So any triple-or-bust stock submission is likely to prove unappealing…in fact, I just might do a post on the worst submissions too!] The real purpose here is to share some great new ideas with readers, and hopefully my valuations & perspective will prove useful also.

All due credit will be given, of course, for any highlighted stocks – anonymously, if you prefer. We can also discuss publishing your own stock write-up on Wexboy, alongside mine, if that’s of interest. btw I’m happy to wait for submissions to stack up (hopefully!) – so if you’re reading this post a month or two later, I’m definitely still interested, please send along your idea!

Please email your stock name, ticker, and % portfolio stake (plus write-up/link(s), if you wish) to wexboymail@yahoo.com – please tag the Subject line with Summer Doldrums & Your Stock’s Name.

I look forward to hearing from you. Cheers!