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OK, dear readers, just a little post to keep track here… And to show I haven’t actually forgotten! I think I owe you some posts & emails at this point:

i) Q&A:   Recently, I’ve been getting more emails from readers with questions. Most noticeably from new(er) investors looking for investing advicealways a pretty tough request! I suppose I’ve got 3 answers:

a) I’ll egotistically suggest a read back through my posts. Even within specific stock write-ups, I’ve never seen the need to stick (completely) to the subject – so Lord knows where & if I’ve buried some useful advice on investing, portfolio allocation, risk management, etc… That’s the beauty of a blog, and a good principle in life – do what you bloody please! OK, I do mean (somewhat) sensibly, of course 😉 [This reminds me: A categorization of my posts might be helpful!]

b) My 1st answer wasn’t meant as a cop-out – I’m always delighted to get emails & comments. Actually, web stats. suggest only a tiny % of readers ever engage in dialogue, which is a shame... I find replying to emails/comments inevitably requires (some) reflection & fact checking – always rewarding!

It’s also a reminder of the alternative – message board hell! Blogging tends to weed out the numpty chumps, leaving you with a great readership – thanks, folks! Rest assured, every email & reader is different – so I do read & answer every email as best I can…in the end!

c) What this might suggest is a proper Q&A post, esp. as the blog’s now passed the 1 yr anniversary mark. Doesn’t matter if you’re a new investor, an old hand, a fellow blogger, an employee/director of a company I’ve written about, etc. – and doesn’t matter what kind of question/topic:

Please send question(s) by email (wexboymail@yahoo.com), or comment and I’ll put together the best of them in a hopefully interesting Q&A.

ii) Correlation…Schmorrelation!:   OK, I think my TLI post held up my end of the bargain..! But how on earth can we determine if TLI was the best idea? Let me revisit the emails/comments you responded with & hopefully make a stab at a write-up of the best reader recommendation. And it’s not too late – if you have a negative/un-correlated stock that helps you sleep at night, please comment or email me in the next couple of days.

iii) Summer Doldrums…So, What’s Your Fave Investment?:   I was seeking readers’ favourite investments with this post – time to look over them all, and get to a write-up of the best idea! Again, it’s not too late – if you’ve got a great stock burning you up, plse comment or email me.

iv) Hitting the Centuryfirst & latest posts:   Well, we all like new stock ideas, that where the rubber really hits the road! But, if I recall, asset allocation usually accounts for 70-90% of returns – not stock selection. I think it’s human nature to disagree with this – we all fancy we’re wonderful stock pickers. But return to 2008, and that notion’s like believing you’re the prettiest snowflake in Texas! Might be true, but a fat lot of f**king good it’s going to do you… This series isn’t meant to be about stock picking, it’s about the composition of my portfolio & the logic behind it – I’ll have a new post coming shortly.

v) My Catalyst seriesfirst & last posts:   I suggested in my last post, a summary might be useful – anybody, anybody?! Maybe, let me take another look….

vi) Argo – Escape from an Evil State!:   Thank you, I know I owe a couple of Argo shareholders an email reply. The more we share/discuss shareholder perspective(s), the clearer the top priorities for Argo will be (share buyback, for example). If you’re an Argo Group Ltd. (ARGO:LN) shareholder, and you’ve read my letter and/or previous articles, please get in touch with me – thanks!