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After resisting the lure of reporting quarterly performance at end-March, I’m now left mulling whether I should even report my semi-annual performance(s). Sigh, I probably will… Which is a little silly really, a public (or even private) review of any six month period/return is basically meaningless! Not that I’m complaining, I think you’ll agree the first half of the year treated us all pretty damn well. 🙂 Of course, that cozy warm feeling may simply confirm we’re all addicted to ‘monetary heroin’ now.

Anyway, I noted down quarter-end prices, so why don’t I first do a (brief) post giving you a timely snapshot of current rankings for The Great Irish Share Valuation Project. [For reference, here are my first & last posts in the valuation phase of TGISVP this year].

I’ve updated all share prices, plus some underlying variables (primarily FX rates), as of June-28th. I’ve also reflected the recent 1 for 25 consolidation of Petroceltic International (PCI:LN) shares, and eliminated Continental Farmers Group (CFGP:LN) after its successful takeover in June. At this point, I haven’t otherwise updated/revised any individual company valuations, so if a particular stock grabs your attention please check for subsequent news-flow/results. Of course, you may totally disagree with my valuation(s) anyway – so I’ll provide a complete Excel file below, which you’re welcome to amend as you see fit.

By my reckoning, here’s the current Bottom Dozen Most Over-Valued Irish Shares:

TGISVP Mid-Year 2013 Bottom Dozen

Ugh, I threw up in my mouth a little just looking at this chart… But seriously, you might want to avoid these shit-pops this summer, no matter how crazy-hot it gets. Which may be the most pointless advice I’ve offered all year – there’s really no saving the muppets who buy this kind of rubbish!

OK, here’s some pleasant mouth-wash instead – my current Top Dozen Most Under-Valued Irish Shares:

TGISVP Mid-Year 2013 Top Dozen

I own Petroneft Resources (PTR:LN) & Donegal Creameries (DCP:ID).

NB: It goes without saying, I wouldn’t necessarily invest in some of the other shares listed – yes, they may offer significant upside potential, but that’s (often) accompanied by far greater risk (perhaps on a v binary basis). But I’m definitely still keen on a few of these stocks as Potential Buys. 😉

OK, for reference, here’s my complete/updated TGISVP valuation file:

TGISVP Hot & Not Mid-Year 2013     (xlsx file)

TGISVP Hot & Not Mid-Year 2013     (xls file)

Right, here’s to a great H2-2013 for all of us!