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Most Glorious Personage,

I am glad you are reading this now. How are you together with your family members? I think all is well.

Despite the fact that I did not know you in person or have I seen you before but due to the reliable revelations of some of your most distinguished friends and esteemed acquaintances (who wish to remain anonymous), I decided to share this lucrative opportunity with you. I have no other choice, so kindly consider this message as vital, believing that sooner or later we will be multi millionaires.

First and foremost, I have to introduce myself to you. I am MR. ZONGO UONGO. I live in Africa, in a country I cannot disclose but which is very pleasant for me. I am married with eight young children. I want you to assist me into another matter. As you may have known, the U S of A in recent days held a giant lottery, the Mega Millions. As you rightly suspected, I obtained a ticket for this event, and I am the winner of this lottery!! A GRAND TOTAL of $ 640 MILLIONS!!! Yes, at the first outset, I was quite excited, I must confess I even embraced my exceptional wife.

But I discovered that the US authority lied! If I understand their deception, they only pay this sum over the remaining denominator of one’s life. What a pot of monkey kapoopie! If God takes me without a warning, that could be a very much reduced fallwind. However, through important research, on the worldwideweb, I have discovered a choice. It is like cheating death, my friend! If I may call you that?

If I bribe the lottery people they will deliver all the money! In my country, this is quite normal, but I am surprised that America people are very open about bribes. They write about this, and call it by fancy names! Some type of NPV scheme, which they describe it all as. It, most unfortunately, means the tax inspector will probably require the same reward. This is bad news, my friend, but we must be optimistic and thank God for his generosity because I still hope to receive $300 MILLIONS after all these bribes.

But I am having some big legal issues (which I cannot describe, for various legal reasons), and I am afraid it will take an exceptional wait before these funds can be in my possession. This is not acceptable for myself. I urgently require currency for my family and an important business venture, that is sure to earn me an even larger sum. But this is a limited opening, I need the money now if I am to multiply it extra ordinarily. Therefore, I propose to you.

Please send me $10,000 now. If you are an amazing generous personage, as I know so well, I would dearly request that you increase your investment to $20,000.

IN RETURN, I will be gladly returning 25 Per CENT of the lottery money when I receive it. Yes, I will gladly give you $ 75 MILLIONS! Don’t worry for myself, I will make so much on my business investment from your kind assistance I know we will both be much enlarged by this deal. As I have been saying, this will take some time, but do not be concerned you have my word and I am always true. I will send you a secret letter telling the story of this arranging, so you can be most assured from a legal direction also. I think we agree this presents a good return on your savings, far better than these banks who are more risky.

Please send me all of your personal attention details, and your bank account information. Together we will help you make this best investment. Please transfer the money quickly as my children are also hungry.

Most generous thanks to you,


Contact me:  mrzongouongo419@gmail.com