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WordPress Stats. have been getting better & better – I’m impressed! Thought it would be fun to share some random info. on my Wexboy readership:

Smallest:  British Virgin Islands. OK, shared with 13 other countries. Aren’t all the investment co/hedge fund managers in BVI? Surely more than a few would have come across my blog by now? What? Oh, you’re really in London (or NY) – the taxes are just dandy, but you don’t like the restaurants in BVI – ah, I see!

Most Politically Correct:  Falkland Islands – yes, it’s also labeled as Malvinas! Yes, this was WordPress’ idea.

Bravest:  China. Yes, despite being banned (as a tool of the capitalist dogs..?!), a few brave souls managed to make it through/around the firewalls just to read Wexboy..!

Grand Total91 countries per the latest count.

North Korea vs. South KoreaSouth Korea wins, of course! North Korea really is completely dark (as are Laos & Burma).

Japan vs. South Korea:  C’mon RoK, I have twice as many Japanese readers right now! My Korean may still be pretty bad, but it’s far better than my Japanese.

Poorest Show:  Tanzania… Really? Did you not see my blogs on tanzanite and Richland Resources (RLD:LN)?!

Greece vs. Turkey:  Despite the rioting on the street, Greek readership is still far higher than that of Turkey…even if I give Cyprus to the Turks!

Ukraine vs. RussiaUkraine trounces Russia. My enthusiasm for Avangardco (AVGR:LI) surely helped here.

Darkest ContinentAfrica. Er, um, that wasn’t a joke… Central Asia‘s almost completely missing, also – but I’m more surprised to see large parts of South & Central America still missing.

PIIGSIreland has the largest readership (among the PIIGS). OK, nobody act surprised… Then we have Spain, Italy, Portugal and last we have Greece. Anybody attach any significance to this particular order..?!

Most Surprising:  Maybe Singapore making it into the Top 10?

And here’s the Top 15 in all its glory – complete with flags, and % of total Wexboy readership:

United Kingdom FlagUnited Kingdom 44%
Ireland FlagIreland 23%
United States FlagUnited States 12%
Germany FlagGermany 3%
Netherlands FlagNetherlands 3%
Spain FlagSpain 2%
Canada FlagCanada 1%
Israel FlagIsrael 1%
Singapore FlagSingapore 1%
Switzerland FlagSwitzerland 1%
France FlagFrance 1%
Australia FlagAustralia 1%
Ukraine FlagUkraine 1%
Italy FlagItaly 1%
Sweden FlagSweden 1%

Thanks everybody! And if you have a (very!) cheap local stock with an interesting story (and a decent English website) to champion, please don’t hesitate to contact and share it with me. Cheers!